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Equip's Skill Tests for Campus Hiring Eliminates the Hassle of Traveling, Grading, and Supervising

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Save Travel Costs

Conduct assessments without having to visit the college. Students can attempt them from their labs or homes.

Readymade Tests

For most skills, question banks with hundreds of questions are available. So, you don't need to create any questions

Prevent Students from Cheating

We use the world's best proctoring tool, AutoProctor, to prevent cheating, copying, impersonation and plagiarism.

Up Your Campus Recruitment System with Equip

  • Save your time to avoid going through every student’s CV or interviewing every student that applies to the job.

  • Create an assessment for testing technical and non-technical skills in under a minute using our Question Bank or by importing your own questions.

  • See assessment results real-time and shortlist the top candidates for interviews.

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the Drama and Trust Us for Campus Placements" - Our Customers Can't Be Wrong!

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Anshul M.,Founder, WittyPen, and a user of Equip, smiling at the camera
Anshul M.

Founder, WittyPen

"Made our hiring process faster by 5x"

The idea that an assessment can be sent in a link is superb. Also, it helps us create tests from our question database too helps us hire as per the profile faster.

Harsh S.,Co-Founder and CTO, and a user of Equip, smiling at the camera
Harsh S.

Co-Founder and CTO

"Helped us find the needle in a haystack!"

Using Equip, we could identify the top performing interns and one of them has turned out to be a rockstar developer for us.

Anjanay S.

Easy to use, reliable and easy on the pocket

"Really helpful to screen candidates, with their auto generated assessments"

The best thing about Equip is its Integration with the ATS (Lever in our case) and Good UI

Equip's Automated Skill Assessments: Eliminate Your Campus Hiring Efforts, Effortlessly

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