The dilemma recruiters commonly face is publicizing an open position. If the position is advertised highly, the candidate pool increases. In turn, finding a top-notch candidate is harder. But, a large candidate pool also means a highly drawn-out screening process. So, the position takes much longer to close.

Most companies filter applicants based on the applicants' CVs. But, this is rather ineffective because the selection depends on the candidate's CV-writing skills, rather than the skills relevant to the role! Also, as CVs don't come with a standardized measure, choosing amongst them becomes subjective.

Some companies use assessments as part of their screening process. Assessment based selections are less arbitrary than basing decisions on just the CV. But curating assessments to evaluate skills for every hire needs research and domain expertise which may not be readily accessible to all recruiters. Also, the team that needs the new hire feels that assessing candidates is a waste of their time as 90% of them will get rejected

We built Equip to solve all these problems! Aren't we a nice lot 😉. Here's how.

What Is Equip?

Equip homepage

Equip is an assessment platform that makes remote hiring hassle-free. It is the fastest way to assess candidates based on their skills. It empowers recruiters with the content and tools they need to narrow down a candidate pool to the top prospects. You can go straight from sourcing to interviewing, as Equip automatically does the screening!

Equip helps you craft a standardized process to recruit confidently across multiple roles. Each role needs a set of skills, and each skill needs a different type of test. Equip has different test types for each skill.

Ready-To-Use Assessments 

Equip has a vast question repository, so you can create assessments within a minute. Select the role you want to hire for, and you get a list of recommended skills to include in your test. Not just does Equip have questions across different skills, but you even get to choose the level at which you want to test the skill. That's all you need to start assessing! 

Creating an Equip Assessment

The platform chooses questions at random for the skills you select so that each candidate sees a different set of questions. You can combine multiple tests, like a coding challenge and an MCQ quiz, into a single assessment. Here is a quick glimpse into sample questions on Equip.

It is super-easy to create tests with your content. You can write the questions as you would on a Google Form, or even import the questions from an Excel file! Or, you could reach out to our team and we could create the content for you.

Why Equip wins over other Assessment Platforms

With every answer only a Google search away, cheating on assessments is very easy. How do you ensure that your candidates are taking the assessment honestly?

Equip is built by the same team that made AutoProctor ー a tool that prevents cheating on online tests. In just two years, AutoProctor has conducted over 15 million tests! Since all Equip tests use AutoProctor, you can rest assured that candidates aren't cheating. Here are some ways in which Equip ensures the integrity of the tests.

  • No copy-paste: Users can neither copy a question nor paste an answer into our tests
  • Full-screen and Tab Switch:  The users are mandated to use a full-screen mode, and if they switch to tabs to Google, we take a screenshot.
  • Plagiarism Check: Users' answers (even code submissions) are checked against other answers available on the web, along with other submissions recorded for that assessment. So, whether a user is copying from an online source or a fellow candidate, they will be flagged
  • Test Environment: Impersonation, Audio cues, looking at a different device as they take the test, connecting multiple monitors—all these and more are tracked on Equip.

I'm sold, what do I do now?

Awesome! We haven't even discussed features like a consolidated recruiter dashboard, managing candidate hiring status, etc. But that is OK. You are smart enough to figure out how these features make your life even better!

In conclusion, using Equip ensures that no biases creep into objectively selecting your candidates. You can get started with a free trial and use it to assess 10 candidates for free even!

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