One Point One Solution

One Point One Solutions is a publicly listed company and a leader for Business Process Outsourcing Management. They are scaling up hiring to explore inorganic growth opportunities with the addition of reputed corporate clientele in BFSI and Consumer segments.

Company Size: 5,001-10,000 employees

Industry: Outsourcing and Offshoring Consulting

Location(s): Mumbai, Gurgaon, Indore, Bangalore, Chennai

Headquartered at: Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra

Founded in: 2014

The disconnect between the hiring managers and recruiters

"We had a dedicated team of recruiters for non-tech roles. I was tasked with ramping up technical hiring. We were hiring for multiple roles such as Django developer, UI/UX developer, Data Scientist, and PHP Developer to name a few. We mostly relied on Naukri and LinkedIn for sourcing the candidate profiles. With the limited recruiters and hiring managers, I soon realised that we need to dramatically automate parts of our process if we had any hope for scaling it for multiple positions," narrates Sheetal, Recruitment Manager at One Point One Solutions.

The tech team was frustrated with spending countless hours across several months interviewing candidates, only to realise all of them were ineligible to fill the open positions in their team. The hiring managers surmised that the quality of the candidates sourced by the recruitment team was not at par. To tackle this challenge, the recruiting team had to establish transparency and trust with the hiring managers by objectively evaluating candidates.

Introducing Skill Tests for shortlisting candidates for Interviews

“As our company planned to increase its volume and frequency of hiring for tech roles, we knew our existing process was not scalable. I was searching for platforms to conduct tech hiring assessments and thus found Equip. After the demo call it was clear to me that the product was versatile for tech and non-tech skill tests and had all the features to help us save time and scale our hiring processes in no time,” recalls Sheetal. 

Apart from the leadership in the recruitment team, she got in touch with the hiring managers, the tech panel and the senior leadership team including the Chief Technology Officer at One Point One Solutions. While the hiring managers were sceptical of the efficacy of ‘yet another assessment tool’, the senior leadership saw the advantage of time saved to shortlist the top candidates and approved to pilot it for the upcoming rounds of hiring. After the results started rolling in for eight different roles, their concerns were put to rest.

The lead recruiter created an account within 2 minutes (that's how simple it is to get started on Equip!) and requested a product demo to learn all the basics to get started. To ensure seamless collaboration, the tech team was was added to same account and underwent a quick product walkthrough for answers to their technical questions. Within a fortnight, they created 8 assessments across various roles and experience levels using a mix of Equip’s Question Bank and their content in Custom Tests. After testing the assessments internally within their team, they shared it with their latest sourced candidates.

How Equip became an integral part of hiring at One Point One Solutions

The merits of screening candidates with skill assessments for both teams are:

Recruiters: They have decreased the time spent on following up with candidates. With Equip, they can directly send bulk email invitations with assessment link.  

Hiring managers and tech team: Before using Equip, the technical panel interviewed every candidate that the recruiting team sourced. Now they only interview the candidates performing well on the assessments. With Equip's results analytics and skill breakdown, they have acquired the superpower to gain visibility into the candidates’ skill strengths before interviewing them. For hiring a Django developer, the tech team used Django and SQL as the core skills within their assessment along with SQL, Python and Web Servers. One of the candidates scored over 80% in the overall assessment but did not perform well in the SQL skills test. Having such insights helped the tech team to tailor their interview questions specific to each candidates’ core competencies and weaknesses.


After screening applicants with Equip's assessments, we were able to reduce our hiring rounds by 50% and the number of relevant candidates interviewed has spiked 75% month on month. This has not only drastically improved the candidate experience but also saved immense time and resources for our company. We saved costs on arranging and conducting in-person interviews for every candidate at the office. 

I recommend Equip to all the recruiters who want an elimination round before the interviews process.

- Sheetal, Recruitment Manager at One Point One Solutions