Top 10 TestGorilla Alternatives and Competitors

There are more than 200 talent assessment solutions in the market. Before you get yourself tizzy with digging up the details and comparing them in complex matrix of mapping your requirements and their capabilities, here is what you should consider:

  1. Ability to assess for different Roles
  2. An exhaustive Question Bank or Test Library
  3. Quality of Candidate Experience
  4. Product and Customer Centricity
  5. Fair and Transparent Pricing

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In this post, we compare alternatives and competitors for TestGorilla. You will find details for comparing product features, G2 ratings and pricing benefits.

Let's systematically break down different aspects to uncover, "Is TestGorilla legit?"

What is TestGorilla?

TestGorilla: Features, Reviews and Pricing Compared

TestGorilla is a talent assessment platform that claims to provide skill-assessments to replace CVs for candidate screening.

Does TestGorilla record screen?

Yes, TestGorilla's anti-cheating features include full-screen tracking. Recruiters can track if candidates exit full-screen while taking the assessment. However, it cannot detect if a candidate connects multiple monitors.

TestGorilla G2 Rating: 4.5/5 (based on 1000+ reviews)

Why would you look for TestGorilla alternatives?

1. Prohibitively High Prices

TestGorilla's pricing increases with the number of employees in your company. For instance, you spend 75% more on TestGorilla's Starter plan when your team size increases from 100 to 200 employees. Imagine that you double your headcount and do not plan to hire as aggressively the next year, you would still be tied to an additional recurring cost of TestGorilla's subscription only on account of your larger team size.

2. No Monthly Payment Plans

If you are paying in USD, EUR, GRP or AUD, you have the option to pay monthly. But there is a catch—most plans require a 1-year commitment. While the Free and Lite Plans do not have an annual commitment they are restrictive. Users can create only 5 tests and 5 custom questions with no access to the Test Library on the Free Plan. The Lite Plan only accommodates 1 active assessment at a time which is huge limitation if you plan to hire for multiple roles simultaneously. The Lite plan is not available for India. The INR pricing plans do not have any monthly payment options.

3. Better Assessments for Tech Hiring

While TestGorilla offers Personality tests and many other test types, its users claim the technical hiring tests such as  programming tests can be improved. Based on user reviews from G2, TestGorilla's programming tests can be improved for: (i) the variety in different languages enabled for programming tests, (ii) inclusion of beginner-friendly and advanced questions to the technical test library, (iii) adding more than one programming test per custom test and (iv) awarding partial points when only some of the candidates' test cases pass and others fail.

4. Improving Candidate Experience

TestGorilla Assessment Reviews

Job seekers spend a lot of their time completing job applications after applying to multiple companies at once. While employers prefer vetting them with skills-based assessments, these tests should be concise and relevant to the job. TestGorilla limits customising the number of questions in a test which severely impacts the overall duration of the assessment and results in a poor candidate experience.

1. TestGorilla vs Equip

TestGorilla vs Equip

Equip helps recruiters screen candidates across skills with its automated assessments.

Equip's advantages over TestGorilla

  • Affordable pricing: Equip does not require a subscription. It operates on a pay-as-you-go model. When you create a free account, you get 10 free credits and you can top-up with as many credits as you need anytime.
    1 credit = 1 candidate taking the assessment
    No annual commitment or recurring fees involved. Sounds incredible? Check out what makes Equip affordable for everyone.
  • Better Tech Hiring assessments: Equip has a large Question Bank of Quizzes, Programming Tests, SQL tests, and CSS tests. Users can create role-based assessments by mentioning the years of experience they are hiring for. The Programming Tests have multiple languages enabled that candidates can choose from and partial points are automatically awarded for partially correct submissions.
  • Customizing Assessments: You can control the number of questions added from Equip's Question Bank to an assessment and add your own questions in a Custom Test. Time limits can be controlled to ensure the time required to complete an assessment is within reasonable limits (by reasonable we mean an hour or so. You wouldn't torture a candidate with an assessment longer than the runtime of a Game of Thrones season, would you? We certainly hope not).  With the ability to add multiple skills in a single test, the candidates are evaluated holistically in a short time within a single assessment.
  • Integrating assessments on your website:  You can integrate Equip within your website in a white-labelled manner (the way Google Maps is embedded with Uber, say). With this, you can completely customize the UI and significantly customize the functionality of Equip. Read more on integrating Equip assessments.

Equip G2 Rating: 4.8/5 (based on 500+ reviews)

Pricing and Free Trial for Equip

View Equip's pricing with access to all features. The free trial comes with 10 free credits to explore how Equip works.

2. TestGorilla vs TestDome

TestGorilla vs Testdome

TestDome provides pre-employment screening tests to measure a candidate's ability to perform a specific skill.

TestDome's advantages over TestGorilla

  • It's better for Technical Screening with Collaborative Coding Interviews and minute by minute timeline of candidates' coding progress
  • Reviewers on G2 have rated TestDome's Content Library higher than TestGorilla's
  • Invite unlimited candidates starting $800 on the Unlimited plan

TestDome G2 Rating: 4.6/5

Pricing and Free Trial for TestDome

TestDome has a 14-day free trial. TestDome's cheapest pricing plan is $150 which is valid for 4 months and allows you to assess 10 candidates. The Subscription plan is $200 per month includes assessing 25 candidates a month. The one-time use  subscription option offers more flexibility than TestGorilla's pricing plans with a 1-year commitment. If you are a medium-sized team up to 100 employees that continuously plans to assess more than 50 candidates a month for one year, you might want to opt for TestGorilla's Starter Plan.

Looking for more affordable pricing options? Try Equip.

3. TestGorilla vs Toggl Hire

TestGorilla vs Toggl Hire

Headquartered in Estonia, Toggl Hire is a skill-assessment platform with with Test Libraries for hiring in Data Science and Machine Learning, HR, Marketing, IT Security, Finance etc.

Toggl Hire's advantages over TestGorilla

  • Greater flexibility in customizing assessment
  • More test types such as long-form homework assessments
  • Pausing subscription up to 6 months

Toggl Hire G2 Rating: 4.7/5 (based on 13 reviews)​

Pricing and Free Trial for Toggl Hire

Toggl Hire's pricing plans are similar to TestGorilla's in that both offer a free plan. However, Toggl Hire's free plan only allows assessing 3 candidates a year. Billing options for subscription include both annual and monthly billing. The cheapest subscription plan is $25 per month with 20 candidate invites.

4. TestGorilla vs eSkill

TestGorilla vs eSkill

eSkill provides skills and behavioral assessment tools that help organizations hire, train, and retain candidates across call centres, retail, industrial, transportation, education, government, and information technology sectors.

eSkill's advantages over TestGorilla

  • Includes job task simulations

eSkill G2 Rating: 4.5/5 (based on 300+ reviews)​

Pricing and Free Trial for eSkill

eSkill does not come with a free trial. While the subscription plans are not listed on their website, a review site for businesses states that the subscription starts at $850 and cost per candidate can be as high as $34.

5. TestGorilla vs Xobin

TestGorilla vs Xobin

Xobin is a talent assessment platform with skilled-based, role-based, and psychometric assessments that helps organizations shortlist candidates for hiring.

Xobin's advantages over TestGorilla

  • Xobin's users rate its Quality of Support and Functionality higher than TestGorilla's users' ratings for the same features
  • Xobin provides live chat support and an Account Manager for assistance

Xobin G2 Rating: 4.7/5 (based on 150+ reviews)​

Pricing and Free Trial for Xobin

Xobin's pricing page mentions the availability of Quarterly, Annual and usage based plans. Cost-specific details are not enlisted on their website. According to Capterra, the pricing starts at $249 per month. The cost for assessing each candidate is unclear but the biggest limitation is restricting to 100-200 simultaneous test takers per plan.

6. TestGorilla vs Mettl

TestGorilla vs Mettl

An online platform, Mettl offers solutions for use cases such as Online examinations, and Hiring & Learning and Development.

Mettl's advantages over TestGorilla

  • Live interviews
  • Interactive results graphs and charts for analyzing candidate performance
  • Telephonic support

Mettl G2 rating: 4.4/5 (based on 500 reviews)

Pricing and Free Trial for Mettl

Mettl's Premium Plan starts at $99. The Free plan offers $30 free credits which includes up to 30 free tests. This information is estimated based on the the information provided by Mettl. Other sources, such as Capterra and Get App, list the starting price for the subscription at $249. The cost per candidate and number of invitations per test is unclear.

Mettl Pricing Plans

7. TestGorilla vs Vervoe

TestGorilla vs Vervoe

Vervoe helps employers to hire based on merit, not background. It replaces the traditional hiring process with skill assessments and gives every candidate an opportunity to showcase their talent by doing job-related tasks. 

Vervoe's advantages over TestGorilla

  • Customising assessments
  • More question types such as MCQs with media, spreadsheets, and presentations
  • Collecting Candidate Satisfaction scores

 Vervoe G2 rating: 4.6/5 (based on 60+ reviews)

Pricing and Free Trial for Vervoe

Vervoe does not offer monthly billing. The cheapest pricing plan is Pay & Go at $228 per year. You can only create one assessment and the candidate invitations are limited to 100 on this plan. TestGorilla has the option to invite unlimited candidates for its paid plans. One of the biggest limitations with Vervoe's pricing is that you cannot purchase additional assessments or candidate attempts.

8. TestGorilla vs Testlify

TestGorilla vs Testlify

Testlify optimizes initial screening process with its talent assessments.

Testlify's advantages over TestGorilla

  • Transparent pricing
  • Enabling multiple languages for coding tests
  • White-labelling

Testlify G2 Rating: 4.8/5 (based on 100+ reviews)

Pricing and Free Trial for Testlify

Testlify's 7-day free trial includes access to Premium features for high volume hiring. Comparing the Standard Plans for both, Testlify is 30% cheaper than TestGorilla annually. But Testlify limits the number of candidate invitations to 100 and costs $3 per additional invite which is detrimental to high volume hiring.

9. TestGorilla vs Glider AI

TestGorilla vs Glider

Glider AI is a Skill Intelligence Platform that provides hiring solutions including virtual assessments, coding/video interviews, screen bots, and more to scale hiring quality talent.

Glider AI's advantages over TestGorilla

  • Rated higher by users on G2 for interoperability and performance 

Glider G2 Rating: 4.9/5 (based on 250+ reviews)

Pricing and Free Trial for Glider AI

Glider AI's pricing is not transparent and is not listed upfront on its website. According to SaaSworthy, Glider AI has a free plan. Its pricing is per seat starting at $59 per user per month. This includes only 30 basic tests and code-sharing interviews. 

10. TestGorilla vs HackerRank

Compare TestGorilla and HackerRank for technical skills screening

HackerRank provides technical assessments and remote hiring interview solutions for hiring tech talent—for developers to be specific.

With their suite of solutions, recruiters can plan their tech hiring by screening, interviewing, and ranking developers based on technical skills and competencies for 30+ roles

HackerRank's advantages over TestGorilla

  • 50 programming languages supported  with a wider range of technical screening questions with candidate benchmarking
  • Robust IDE for programming tests to provide a better candidate experience
  • More flexibility to choose number of questions per assessment and control assessment duration 

HackerRank G2 Rating: 4.5/5 (based on 300+ reviews)

Pricing and Free Trial for HackerRank

HackerRank's 14-day free trial includes 20 test attempts and unlimited coding interviews. HackerRank's monthly subscription starts $100 per month and it the billed monthly. The cost per test attempt $10 to $20.

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5 Reasons Why Equip is the Best TestGorilla Alternative

Top 10 TestGorilla Alternatives Compared: Pricing and Ratings

Whether you are planning to switch from TestGorilla or setting up a new assessment tool from scratch, this is what makes Equip an excellent choice:

  1. Equip is very easy to use and our users swear by its easy of use. Equip ranks #1 for User Satisfaction among all the Talent Assessment Softwares on G2.
  2. Our customers trust us with automating large, scale technical screening assessments. In fact, some of them have even switched from HackerRank to Equip.
  3. Do you want to be in control of how your candidates are assessed? You can take control of your assessments with the flexibility to modify the number of questions, role-specific skills, difficulty level, settings, adding Equip's Questions or your own and so much more.
  4. It's very simple to integrate Equip's assessments on your website with your own branding if you need to.
  5. Equip's pricing is a no-brainer. Don't get caught up in comparing different subscriptions and wondering what suits you best. Pay only for the number of candidates you assess with no additional costs and recurring fees. Starts at $1 (or ₹82) per candidate and only goes lower when you bulk purchase credits. Also, did we tell you that the credits never expire?

Ready to start hiring with Equip?