All Lever users with Super Admin Access Role can use Equip assessments to automatically evaluate candidate skills easily and screen candidates quicker.


Recruitment involves many steps, right from drafting a job post all the way up to making an offer. Applicant Tracking Systems help recruiters manage this process effectively. But, ATSes may not have all the features you need, and this is where integrations come in. Integrations increase the functionality of ATSes and allow recruiters to perform multiple tasks using the same software.

Lever TRM is one of the most popular ATS and CRM software for recruiters. Our integration with Lever allows recruiters and their teams to automatically invite candidates to Equip assessments from Lever. The results then get updated on the candidate’s Lever profile.


The image below shows how easy it is to use this integration.

Equip Lever Integration

As you can see from the image, once a job mapping is set up as in Step 2, the recruiter doesn't have to do anything on Equip. For each relevant candidate, they must just change the candidate's Stage to "Equip Assessment". Equip handles everything for the Recruiter.

Setting Up

Equip customers on the Premium Plan can set up the integration from their Recruiter Dashboard.

Recruiter Dashboard - Equip
Enabling Lever Integration from Equip's Recruiter Dashboard

Click here for detailed instructions on how to use our integration with Lever. 

Other ATSes

There are many other ATSes on the market. We plan to offer integrations with some of the most popular ones. If you are already using an ATS and want an Equip integration, just write to us at