An early-stage startup with a single recruiter onboard was conducting multiple campus hiring drives. If you have ever conducted one, you would know that planning and executing campus recruitment drives is a mammoth task. From contacting colleges, conducting many drives throughout the placement season, and interviewing candidates to make the offers is no mean feat. Then how does a small team pull it off? By automating shortlisting candidates to hire faster, of course! (Spoiler: They used Equip to do it) 

This is the story of Paperflite​—a small team of 50 that scaled its hiring initiatives by remotely conducting campus hiring drives across multiple locations to hire employees in record time. 

Paperflite is a business intelligence solution, designed to accelerate content performance and boost audience engagement. Their products include sales and marketing content management softwares.

Company Size: 51-200 employees

Industry: Computer Software

Location(s): Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Headquartered at: Wyoming, Delaware

Founded in: 2016

The challenge with campus hiring drives

Paperflite has doubled its headcount in two years. High volume screening is crucial for high volume hiring. They were using an ATS to manage their candidate pipeline. However, the assessment process was slow because of:

  1. Creating Coding Tests: The recruiter was entirely reliant on the tech team to create coding questions and evaluate their submissions. Not only did this eat into the tech team's time but also was largely inefficient. That's when the recruiter decided to solve the problem using an assessment platform to ask ready-to-use programming questions and get their results automatically.
  2. Sorting Responses through Google Forms: As the number of candidates increased, sorting and managing responses on Google Forms was a challenge. After all, how many forms, sheets and folders could they actually keep track of? It was difficult search through the scattered data to find the results of a single candidate.​
  3. Managing Video Responses at scale: For non-technical roles, candidates submitted videos as a proof of their communication proficiency. The team soon realised that this method would not scale as they continue to assess more candidates. They were rapidly running out of cloud storage to save these video submissions.

"The process was entirely manual. We were using Google Forms to conduct pre-screening tests. It included a few questions and also uploading video responses. As we assessed more candidates, it became difficult to manage Google Form responses. Especially, keeping track of different sheets and managing storage for videos," says Reuben, Talent Advocate at Paperflite.

Discovering Equip

Reuben found Equip while comparing the top-rated Talent Assessment softwares on G2. For their first assessment, Paperflite used different question types such as MCQ, short text answers (for essay type questions) to create a Custom Test.

“Equip's assessments can be used out-of-the-box as soon as you sign up. But I found it a bit tricky to choose the right subscription plan for high-volume hiring. Then I got my answers through live chat support and email. Eventually, Equip moved away from the subscription model and introduced pay-as-you-go pricing and that works really well for us. We estimate the number of candidates we want to evaluate for a campus hiring drive and bulk purchase the credits at a discounted price. The flexibility to top-up with any number of credits on a need-basis is super cool and really convenient for us,” recalls Reuben, Talent Advocate at Paperflite.

Paperflite started conducting their first campus hiring drive with Equip's assessments in less than 48 hours after creating an account!

Automating Campus Hiring Drives with Equip's Assessments

Till date, Paperflite has assessed many hundreds of candidates across multiple college campuses remotely using Equip. On average, they were able to shortlist the top 11% of the candidates for interviews. This led to many advantages such as:

  1. The recruiter could independently create assessments using ready-to-use Programming Tests from Equip's Question Banks. The Programming Tests were graded automatically.
  2. They could now collect Video Responses from candidates natively on Equip without worrying about storing videos, invalid link submissions etc. These assessments are compatible with mobile devices which made it perfect for students to attempt it from easily from their phones too.
  3. All candidates could be categorized in different stages (Shortlisted, Hired, Rejected) right from Equip's Recruiter Dashboard
  4. Sample Results on Recruiter Dashboard

Paperflite continues to use Equip for campus recruitment and also for internal employee assessments.

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