Shadowfax uses Equip for non-tech hiring

Shadowfax is one of India's Fastest Growing End-to-End Logistics providers in more than 2500 cities. It provides e-commerce, hyper-local, on-demand delivery solutions for businesses for seamless business operations and dynamic growth.

Company Size: 1001-5000 employees

Industry: Transportation, Logistics, Supply Chain and Storage

Location(s): Bengaluru, India

Headquartered at: Bengaluru, India

Founded in: 2015​

The Challenge with Hiring for Non-tech Roles at Scale

Kartheek, Senior HR Manager at Shadowfax, was looking for a skill assessment platform for campus hiring. He had to hire for non-technical roles such Operations Associate, Human Resources Manager, Business Analyst, Sales Development Associate and more.

He asked for recommendations on The Shape of Work community, a Slack workspace for HR Leaders and People Ops professionals, and found Equip.

Kartheek's goal was clear—build a sales force for Shadowfax through campus hiring majorly comprising non-technical roles and a few technical roles. The team received a lot of applications which created a fragmented pool of management graduates. The campus recruitment drives were scheduled at IIT, NITs and a few Tier 2 & 3 colleges. Since Shadowfax’s team is based out of Bangalore, they decided to start with in-person visits to the local campuses and then expand to other locations remotely. With 400-500 candidates to be assessed in one placement season, they required a platform to automate filtering candidates without bias.

Previously, they had used HackerRank and Google Sheets to shortlist candidates and manage their pipeline.

Kartheek checked with his manager and team members. They evaluated Equip on four parameters:

1. Scheduling assessments: All recruiters using Equip can set the date and time for Cannot Before/Start in the Assessment Settings. This means that they can set a the specific duration within which all the students will attempt the assessment at the scheduled time for the campus hiring drive.

Timer Settings for an Assessment
Timer Settings for an Assessment

2. Gathering additional details: Equip can collect additional details from the candidate before they begin with their first test. This includes collecting phone number, LinkedIn URL, College Name, Graduation Year, Department and Work Experience (in years). All these details are available while viewing the assessment results so that you do not spend time switching between multiple applications to consolidate candidates' profiles before shortlisting them for interviews.

Candidate Login Settings on Equip
Candidate Login Settings on Equip

3. Combining Multiple Skills in a single test: Instead of sharing many tests for each skill, Equip's users combine multiple skills in a single test for well-rounded results and a smoother candidate experience. To hire for Business Analytics, Shadowfax used Equip's Question Banks for Business Metrics, SQL, Data Science and Python.

4. Writing Results to Google Sheets: With Write results to Google Sheets feature, it is easy to check the results of an assessment real-time as a candidate's result is written to the Google Sheet as soon as they complete each test in an assessment.

The Transformation

Shadowfax Equip Customer

Within ten days after signing up, Shadowfax was ready to conduct its campus recruitment drive using Equip. On average, they invited 200 candidates simultaneously per assessment to attempt it.

“Equip is simple to use, smart and concise. Has a robust backend (infrastructure). All information (about the product and pricing) was available on the website. I could get started without a demo. It’s a B2B software with the simplicity of a B2C buying mechanism,” says Kartheek, HR Business Partner at Shadowfax.

The top advantages of switching to Equip for Shadowfax are:

  1. 95% reduction in cost per candidate
  2. A single platform for hiring for tech and non-tech roles with inbuilt Question Banks
  3. Managing candidate stages and results from a single dashboard instead of using Google Sheets

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