Equip: Top Mercer Mettl Alternative

In today's competitive job market, organizations face a significant challenge in identifying and selecting the right talent. To overcome this challenge, companies often turn to talent assessment tools to help them evaluate job candidates' skills, personality, and cultural fit. These tools offer a reliable and objective way to assess job applicants and ensure that they possess the necessary qualifications to succeed in the role. One such pre-hiring assessment tool is Mercer Mettl. This post presents its top alternatives and competitors that your company can consider based on budget and hiring requirements.

What does Mercer Mettl do?

Mettl homepage

Mercer | Mettl is an online platform with solutions for use cases such as Online examinations, and Hiring & Learning and Development. It offers psychometric, behavioral, and cognitive assessments, to evaluate candidate fit for a specific role.Mercer | Mettl's assessments also feature aptitude assessments process and ATS integrations.

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Why would you look for Mettl alternatives?

1. You need a platform that is intuitive to use across devices such as computers, tablets, and mobile phones without installing any third-party add-ons

2. You are looking for a superior, reliable AI-proctoring solution without human proctoring

3. You want an affordable Mettl alternative with all the features but at a fraction of the cost with no annual contract

4. You are exploring options for custom tests, white-labelling and branding for the assessments at your company

1. Mettl vs Equip

Equip vs Mettl

Equip outshines Mettl in three parameters: superior user experience, secure proctoring and affordable pricing.

Unlike Mercer Mettl, Equip does not restrict any features during our free trial. Equip offers a smooth user experience for both recruiters and candidates. Mettl assessments require candidates to install a Chrome extension to proceed with the assessment. Equip assessments are compatible across browsers on computer and mobile devices — no extensions required.

All Equip assessments are proctored by AutoProctor which is compliant with the best practices for data storage and processing. Unlike Mettl, Equip does not use human proctoring to avoid biases while hiring and to safeguard your personal information.

Whether you are hiring for one position or scaling your team in large numbers, Equip has the right pricing plan listed for you upfront. Mettl offers custom pricing plans on request but on average the basic starter package will cost you 10x more than the Lite plan on Equip. Equip also offers generous discounts when you assess more candidates. See Equip Pricing

Want to try Equip for free? You get 10 free credits on signing up to explore how it works.

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2. Mettl vs TestGorilla

Mettl vs TestGorilla

TestGorilla offers a similar range of assessments as Mettl. TestGorilla's pricing plans are more transparent and affordable than Mettl, with discounts available for annual billing and smaller volumes. You can set a timer for every question on TestGorilla. It also provides scoring benchmarks and proctoring reports for each candidate.

3. Mettl vs eSkill

Mettl vs eSkill

eSkill provides skills and behavioral assessment tools that help organizations hire candidates. It caters to a variety of industry sectors such as call centres, retail, industrial, transportation, education, government, and information technology. eSkill has generally positive reviews from customers, while Mettl's reviews are mixed. Finally, eSkill's user-friendly interface and extensive library of assessments make it a more attractive choice in contrast to Mettl.

4. Mettl vs iMocha

Mettl vs iMocha

Both iMocha and Mettl can be used for technical and non-technical skills screening. iMocha's assessments are compatible with mobile devices; candidates can attempt them from their phones. iMocha's proctoring seems to have additional features in comparison to Mettl's such as detecting audio from the candidate's surroundings and enforcing full-screen mode while attempting the test.

5. Mettl vs TestDome

Mettl vs Testdome

TestDome offers tests for a wide range of industries, including programming, accounting, customer service, and project management. It also has ready-to-use proctored tests. TestDome's pricing is readily available on the website with a self-serve free trial with access to its public question library and inviting up to 5 candidates to take the test. 

Conclusion: Equip your team with the best Mettl alternative

In conclusion, while Mercer Mettl is a well-known pre-hiring assessment tool, there are several alternative options available that can provide a superior user experience, secure proctoring, and affordable pricing. Among these options, Equip stands out as a top competitor with its smooth user experience, compatibility across devices, and AI-proctoring solution. TestGorilla, eSkill, iMocha, and TestDome also offer a range of assessments and pricing plans that may better suit your company's needs. 

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