HackerRank Competitors and Alternatives Compared - Latest Update

Recruiters need technology to solve their problems. And now, they have multiple options to choose from. That can sometimes be both a boon and a curse. 

With the growing competition in the job market, recruitment is challenging, and there is no denying that. We might as well sign it and give it to you. 

For the same reason, recruiters look for ways to identify the most skilled and knowledgeable candidates. An effective method is using pre-hiring assessments to evaluate a candidate’s or multiple candidates’ job-specific skills (tech and non-tech).

HackerRank is a popular solution that offers technical assessments and remote interview features, however, recruiters need more than that. And, for this purpose, we have compiled a list of 9 alternate solutions to HackerRank in this blog.

What is HackerRank?  

HackerRank Landing Page

HackerRank provides technical assessments and remote hiring interview solutions for hiring tech talent—for developers to be specific. 

With their suite of solutions, recruiters can plan their tech hiring by screening, interviewing, and ranking developers based on technical skills and competencies for 30+ roles.

Candidates, on the other hand, can practice coding, prepare for interviews, and get hired by companies. 

Additionally, they offer solutions for Remote Hiring and University Hiring.

HackerRank offers solutions specific to tech hiring but you can choose from many alternatives with additional features.

Are HackerRank assessments proctored?

If you are wondering whether HackerRank can detect cheating, the short answer is yes it can. 

Continue to compare HackerRank's proctoring features with top technical and talent assessment tools.

HackerRank G2 Rating: 4.5/5

Why would you look for HackerRank alternatives?

  1. Relevant coding challenges: Candidates find the current pattern of coding assessments to be above their level of competency.
  2. Flexible billing options: You need a platform without a subscription or lock-in and the cost per test attempt on HackerRank is too high for you.
  3. Assessments for non-tech skills: While HackerRank is a Leader for technical assessments, it does not offer non-technical assessments. You need an alternative that has assessments to evaluate both tech and non-tech skills.
  4. More anti-cheating features: You need additional proctoring features such as detecting audio, enabling auto-submit on tab switch, and capturing screenshots of the switched tabs. 

If any of those reasons struck a chord with you, read on, discover more solutions, and find the best HackerRank alternative for your business.

1. HackerRank vs Equip

Equip - #1 Best HackerRank Alternative, Compare HackerEarth vs HackerRank vs Equip

Equip helps recruiters screen candidates across skills with its automated assessments. 

On Equip you can test for multiple skills such as Web Development, Programming, Sales & Marketing, Data Analysis, Customer Success, and many more skills.

These skills are mapped to different roles. For example, for hiring a Python Developer Equip can automatically create an assessment to test the candidate's skill level for Python, Data Structures and Algorithms, Aptitude, and Git. Similarly, a Digital Marketer's assessment includes tests for skills like Facebook and Instagram Ads, Google Ads, Digital Marketing, Aptitude, and English Language. 

Teams can utilize Equip’s vast Question Libraries, and create Custom Tests that enable them to hire Developers, Sales, Marketing and Customer Support Executives, Data Analysts and more. That’s a lot, right? All in one platform!

Equip's advantages over HackerRank

  • Customization: Flexibility in creating Custom Tests. With Equip, you can create a Custom Test once, and use it for multiple assessments, all with a single click. 
    HackerRank offers Custom tests, however, questions from a Custom Test are individually added to the library. The questions will have to be added later individually which can be rather cumbersome. 

Continue reading about Customization: Why MountBlue Switched from HackerRank to Equip

  • Test types and Question types: Equip offers a wide range of test types, such as Programming tests, Quizzes, and Video Responses, and it also has unique question types such as voice input and transcription questions. It has more than 10 questions types to choose from. 

  • Unique Questions: Equip has a Randomized Template Feature that prevents candidates from making the questions publicly available. What’s more? When you upload a question template, it will show different variants of the same question to different users, thereby preventing chances of cheating. 

  • More Proctoring Features: All of Equip’s assessments are AI-proctored using AutoProctor (built by the same team that built Equip). In addition to the proctoring features on HackerRank, these are the bonus features Equip offers: capturing screenshots of switched tabs, capturing random photos throughout the test, enforcing fullscreen mode during the test to prevent cheating, recording the candidates' screen while they take the assessment, detecting multiple faces, recording audio, and disabling copy-paste.

  • Pricing: On Equip, you can pay-as-you-go based on your usage without paying for a subscription or annual contract. It scales well for small businesses to enterprises without spending fixed recurring costs when hiring slows down. Need to see the numbers before you believe it? We have built a pricing calculator to compare HackerRank's pricing and how much you save using Equip! 

Equip G2 Rating: 4.8/5

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Pricing and Free Trial for Equip

Equip does not have a subscription fee or a lock-in period, and you only pay per candidate.

When you sign up on Equip, you can evaluate 10 candidates for free. You don't need to enter your card details for this. The pricing is $1 per candidate (or less when you bulk purchase credits) and the credits never expire.

2. HackerRank vs HackerEarth

HackerRank vs HackerEarth

HackerEarth is an online assessment technical recruitment tool that enables you to create tests and evaluate candidates to find the right fit for your team. 

HackerEarth's advantages over HackerRank

  • HackerEarth assessments are found to be suitable for senior roles whereas HackerRank assessments are more beginner-friendly for entry-level hiring.

  • HackerEarth has a learning and development platform for employees that provides insights into your teams' skill gaps and helps them upskill at par with industry-leading tech teams.

HackerEarth G2 Rating: 4.4/5

HackerEarth vs HackerRank pricing

HackerEarth’s pricing is divided between Products and Bundles. 

Unlike HackerRank, HackerEarth does not provide a monthly billing option. All plans require an annual upfront payment. Features such as white labelling, APIs, and integrations are only available on the Enterprise plan and not for the Startup plan. 

HackerEarth offers a 14-day free trial without any strings attached (aka Credit Card).

3. HackerRank vs iMocha

HackerRank vs iMocha

iMocha offers talent development teams a unified skills intelligence platform that allows them to make data-driven, skills-based, bias-free decisions from hiring to retirement. 

They offer a bunch of solutions across categories such as Talent Acquisition, Talent Development, AI-English Pro, Skill Library, and an eLearning solution.

iMocha's advantages over HackerRank

  • You can conduct assessments for non-technical skills

  • Offers Analysis of Question Difficulty Levels

  • AI-enabled One-Way Video Interview

  • AI-LogicBox - Innovative & Patented Question Type

  • Recruiter Performance Report

  • Video Proctoring with analysis

iMocha G2 Rating: 4.4/5 

Pricing and Free Trial for iMocha

Their pricing structure is comprehensive across three categories: 

  1. Talent Acquisition 

  2. Talent Development 

  3. Campus/University Hiring 

The pricing is then further divided between ‘professional’, and ‘enterprise’ plans for each of the categories.  

iMocha offers a free plan, however, it requires companies to get in touch with them and it is not listed on their website.

4. HackerRank vs Mettl

HackerRank vs Mettl

An online platform, Mettl offers solutions for use cases such as Online examinations, and Hiring & Learning and Development.

Mettl's advantages over HackerRank

  • For analytics, Mettl has in-depth skill, candidate, and group-level analytics with benchmarks. 

  • Advanced proctoring and session recordings

  • Mettl provides Personality, Behavior, Cognitive & Domain Assessments.  

Mettl G2 Rating: 4.4/5

Pricing and Free Trial for Mettl

Pricing information is not listed on the website. Get in touch with their sales team for pricing and a free trial.

5. HackerRank vs CodeSignal

CodeSignal vs HackerRank

CodeSignal is a leading technical interview and assessment solution. It offers advanced job simulation technology across the whole hiring process. 

CodeSignal's advantages over HackerRank

According to G2, CodeSignal offers higher user satisfaction than HackerRank. Codesignal’s advantages over HackerRank: 

  • CodeSignal has Predictive Coding Score 
  • Offers Advanced IDE
  • Offers Dynamic live preview for frontend & mobile tasks in IDE
  • What’s more? It also offers Integrated terminal, Coding playback, and Project-based tasks (e.g. Mobile React-native)
  • Offers complete support for building full-stack applications
  • Templates & test reviews for structured interviews

CodeSignal G2 Rating: 4.5/5

CodeSignal vs HackerRank pricing

CodeSignal's pricing is segmented based on hiring talent and upskilling developers but the pricing plans are not transparent for hiring talent. The pricing per seat starts at $24.29/month per user when billed annually for the Develop Skills plans.

6. HackerRank vs Coderbyte

Coderbyte vs HackerRank

Coderbyte is a platform for technical assessments, interviews, and projects.

Coderbyte's advantages over HackerRank

  • Assessments for non-technical roles
  • Additional test types such as Spreadsheet tests and Question types such as Long Answer and Video Response
  • Masking coding challenge titles to prevent candidates from searching for solutions
  • Big-O analysis for coding challenge submissions 

Coderbyte G2 Rating: 4.4/5​

Coderbyte vs HackerRank pricing

Coderbyte has a 14-day free trial like HackerRank. The monthly plan starts at $199 rather than the Starter Plan at $100/month on HackerRank. Coderbyte has pay-as-you-go pricing and does not restrict the number of candidates assessed per plan. The pay-per-candidate pricing starts at $10 per candidate and the credits expire within a year. A free trial requires a work email and a credit card.

7. HackerRank vs Codility

Codility vs HackerRank

Codility is a technical hiring platform for companies to test the coding skills of developers and make evidence-based hiring decisions.

Is Codility better than HackerRank?

Users report a better experience with setting up Codility and meeting their requirements compared to HackerRank.

Codility G2 rating: 4.6/5​

Codility vs HackerRank pricing

Both Codility and HackerRank have a Starter Plan at $100 per month which includes 1 platform user. You can invite 15 candidates on Codility's Starter Plan whereas HackerRank's Starter Plan only has 10 candidate invites. The cost per candidate is $15 on Codility which is 25% cheaper than HackerRank.

8. HackerRank vs Vervoe

HackerRank vs Vervoe

Vervoe helps employers to hire based on merit, not background.

It replaces the traditional hiring process with skills assessments and gives every candidate an opportunity to showcase their talent by doing job-related tasks. 

Vervoe's advantages over HackerRank

  • Soft skill testing
  • AI grading
  • More question types such as Audio, Video, Spreadsheets, etc.
  • Automated candidate rejection
  • Shareable candidate reports

Vervoe G2 Rating: 4.6/5​

Compare Vervoe and HackerRank pricing

Vervoe does not offer monthly billing. The cheapest pricing plan is Pay & Go at $228 per year. You can only create one assessment and the candidate invitations are limited to 100 on this plan. HackerRank has the option to purchase additional test attempts at $20 per attempt. One of the biggest limitations with Vervoe's pricing is that you cannot purchase additional assessments or candidate attempts.

9. HackerRank vs TestGorilla

HackerRank vs TestGorilla

TestGorilla is made for pre-employment assessment tests to identify the best candidates for tech and non-tech roles.

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TestGorilla's advantages over HackerRank

  • Assessments for non-technical skills
  • Free forever plan
  • Intuitive interface

TestGorilla G2 rating: 4.5/5

HackerRank vs TestGorilla Pricing

TestGorilla has a Free Forever plan with 5 free tests and 5 custom questions. TestGorilla's pricing increases with an increase in the employee count of the company. Monthly payment options are not available for Indian customers.

Which platform is better than HackerRank?

Best HackerRank Alternative Answered

Equip is better than HackerRank because of its:

  1. Diversity of skills assessed with its Question Banks
  2. Affordable pricing, no subscription fees, and lifetime validity of credits
  3. Advanced anti-cheating features

Choosing the right pre-hiring platform is crucial for companies looking to hire skilled professionals. With the rise of remote work and the need for technical skills, pre-hiring assessments are an essential tool for recruiters to evaluate a candidate's abilities. 

With the funding winter and recession on the rise, recruiters now need to focus more on saving both time and money. And startups are always in the crunch for both. 

It’s important to address the elephant in the room (read: this blog). 

All assessment tools listed above have tremendous capabilities and ability to fulfill requirements for various companies, but not all of them are efficient. Why? 

Most of them only offer technical assessments, are limited in their proctoring capabilities, and have limitations with customization.

We can almost hear them say, “We aren’t for everybody,” and that’s okay. 

But, as recruiters, you need to optimize for time. This is where you would need to prioritize selecting a screening tool that offers you more than just tech assessments. This way, you will not run to another tool when your company needs to hire for non-tech roles. 

This is one of the reasons why Equip was built. To help recruiters, founders, and leaders save time and conduct their candidate screening with its automated skill assessments.

If that sounds like something that might meet your hiring goals, watch how you can create an Equip assessment in 90 seconds.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a HackerRank Assessment?

A HackerRank Assessment is used by companies to evaluate the technical skills of candidates through coding tests and challenges. It covers various domains like algorithms, data structures, artificial intelligence, and more. Companies customize assessments to measure specific skills relevant to the job. Candidates solve problems within a given time, helping employers gauge their coding ability, problem-solving skills, and efficiency.

Is HackerRank free?

If you use HackerRack for hiring, screening, and technical interviews, you can access it for free during a 14-day free trial. HackerRank is free for developers to practice and improve their coding skills.

Which is better HackerRank or HackerEarth?

HackerRank is better than HackerEarth. But how do both of them compare against Equip? Equip is the highest-rated talent assessment solution worldwide for user satisfaction with a score of 99/100 on G2. It outranks both HackerRank and HackerEarth for ease of use, quality of support, and proctoring features. For more details, compare HackerRank vs HackerEarth vs Equip.