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Colleges and universities are brimming with enthusiastic and talented students who are eager to embark on their professional journeys. And, recruiters are always looking for such talent to join their organization during Campus Hiring drives. 

Campus Hiring, as easy as it may seem, remains an arduous task for recruiters. Planning the campus hiring process, aligning stakeholders, devising the recruitment marketing process, setting budgets, awaiting approvals, and designing skill assessments—all of it takes immense strategic planning on the part of the recruiter. 

There’s of course a lot more that goes into Campus Hiring, and should you require to take a peek into Campus Hiring, read this: 

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In this blog post, we will discuss how Equip can help recruiters save time, money, and most importantly, enable them to shortlist top talent remotely in campus recruitment drives.

Read on to know how Equip helps recruiters conduct highly successful campus hiring drives.

Sharing  skill assessments can help campus recruiters save time in several ways: 

Increase Efficiency: When recruiters schedule assessments in advance. They can group candidates together by major, skill set, or any other criteria, allowing them to assess multiple candidates in one sitting, rather than scheduling each candidate individually. This drastically saves time and increases the number of candidates assessed on a given day of campus placements.

Improve Candidate ExperienceCandidates apply to multiple jobs during the placement season. Sharing an assessment link, that can be attempted within a fixed duration, can help students prepare for the test in advance. This can reduce the number of no-shows and last-minute cancellations, which can be frustrating and time-consuming for campus recruiters. 

With Equip’s automated assessments, a recruiter can directly share the assessment link to screen candidates and save time on scheduling calls with each candidate. Recruiters make data-backed decisions to shortlist skilled candidates as opposed to shortlisting randomly owing to the pressure of meeting their targets. 

Since campus recruitment is done in large numbers, ATSes can help to manage the candidate pipeline. Equip can integrate with your ATS to help you directly share the assessment from your ATS.

For a detailed overview of how to integrate Equip with Lever, visit this resource: Equip and Lever Integration

2. Conduct Online Assessments Remotely Without Travelling

Campus recruitment involves travelling to multiple campuses to meet with candidates, attend career fairs, and conduct interviews. 

Travelling to campuses requires careful planning and coordination, including booking travel arrangements, scheduling meetings, and coordinating with campus staff. This can be a logistical challenge, especially when recruiting at multiple campuses. 

Travelling to campuses can also be expensive, as recruiters may need to pay for transportation, lodging, and meals. When you hire remotely, this expense can be reallocated for other unavoidable recruitment costs.

If you want to avoid the aforementioned hassle, just swish and flick, and we’ll give you the magical solution—Equip! It enables recruiters to connect with the best talent from all over the world. If you want to build a diverse team, this would truly help to make your recruitment borderless.

3. Creating Assessments with High-Quality Questions from the Question Bank

Imagine waiting to check up on your organization’s tech team lead before finalizing the assessments for hiring a developer. Or, having to wait on receiving a green line from your organization’s sales head before creating an assessment for a sales associate role. 

That process takes a longer approval cycle, more time, and back and forth. All of that changes with Equip—recruiters can independently create technical and non-technical assessments. 

Select the role, add skills, difficulty and the number of questions. The platform works its magic for you. When you share the assessment link with the candidates, each one sees randomly chosen questions from our vast Question Banks based on the skill and difficulty level you have chosen.

The power will truly lie with the recruiter, and Equip. Let no one else come in between. 

To know more about creating assessments, watch this video: Creating an assessment on Equip

4. Automatically Graded Assessments

Manual grading of assessments can take a significant amount of time, more so when it comes to campus recruitment.  

Different recruiters have different criteria and standards for grading—this adds an element of subjectivity and erroneous evaluation. With a limited number of recruiters on the team, manual grading is not scalable with a large number of applicants in campus hiring drives.

Recruiters can combine multiple skills in a single test and pick from a variety of tests types for a single assessment. Once the link is shared with the candidates, you can kick and relax to watch the results roll in on your dashboard!

5. AI-enabled Proctoring instead of  Human Supervisors 

Online assessments risk the chance of candidates cheating and using unfair means, but not when it comes to Equip. 

All of Equip’s assessments are proctored by AutoProctor —which has successfully prevented cheating in 15 million+ online tests worldwide. It tracks the candidates' camera, microphone and screen when they take the assessment. You don't have to worry about candidates asking Google or Chat-GPT for answers. You will find a screenshot of attempts to switch tabs in the proctoring summary.

Bonus anti-cheating feature

With Randomized Templates, you can generate many variants of the same question. It gives you an infinite supply of unique questions thus eliminating the chances of students leaking the questions to their friends. Curious to know how it works? Try it here: I'm Feeling Lucky

We also provide a list of contact numbers and email addresses for TPOs of 800+ Indian Colleges and Universities' Placement Cells. Get the TPOs contact list here.


Three ways Equip speeds up your Campus Hiring process: 

  • Save time by not having to go through every single application that you receive for your job posting. In fact, you don’t need to interview every candidate that applies for the listed job. 

  • Don’t go running around in circles by asking your organization’s specialists for skill-specific questions for various assessments. Create assessments for both technical and non-technical skills in only under a minute using Equip’s Question Bank or by importing your own questions. 

  • Check the assessment results in real-time, and shortlist the right candidates for interviews. There’s no need to scroll for hours on end to assess each candidate’s assessment when you have the scores in front of you.

Equip, by helping recruiters save time, also assists them in carrying out work that lies at the core of their job—to help people make better career choices, find the right fit for the organization, and truly help people succeed in their roles. A lot of the admin tasks that recruiters would spend hours on can now be automated. Wanna try? Check out Equip now.