10 Lever Integrations for Better Integrations: From Sourcing to Onboarding

A disjointed and time-consuming hiring process can lead to missed opportunities, poor candidate experiences, and ultimately, the wrong hires. On the other hand, an efficient and streamlined hiring process — from sourcing, preliminary screening until onboarding — can help you attract the best talent, improve candidate experience and make better-informed hiring decisions.

If you’re using Lever, then you’re enjoying a complete applicant tracking system (ATS) and robust candidate relationship management (LeverCRM) platform in a single solution. But lo and behold, there are more ways to make your hiring more efficient and impactful. Lever’s Integration Ecosystem offers ways for its users to connect their recruiting and HR platforms and create a better journey for applicants.

Ten Lever Integrations for Hiring Better

1. Lever LinkedIn Integration: For Job Posts

Lever LinkedIn Integration

Everybody knows LinkedIn is the largest professional networking site, making it a go-to destination for job seekers. The platform allows for targeting specific demographics, such as location, industry, and job title, which can help to increase the visibility of a job post to the right audience. With Lever’s integration with LinkedIn, you can seamlessly cross-share job openings. This feature can be set to automatically push all postings or can be chosen on a per-post basis. When a job posting is pushed to LinkedIn, you can view the date it was added, the number of applicants, and the percentage of applicants hired in the same section as the posting editor. 

Pro tip: Note that LinkedIn will only display job postings from Lever that have been set up for external distribution. Postings that are unlisted, in draft form, or for internal use only will not appear in the LinkedIn job feed until they are made publicly available. To verify the distribution of a posting, go to the posting state menu at the top of the posting editor.

2. Hired: For Sourcing

Lever Hired Integration

With Lever’s integration with Hired, you can connect with a pre-screened selection of top-performing tech and sales candidates who are actively searching for new job opportunities. Using data from millions of profiles, Hired's algorithms identify the best candidates for your open positions, saving you up to 45 hours of sourcing time per hire. Hired's real-time information, equal opportunity, transparency, and efficiency help you build a diverse and talented team quickly.

3. InterviewPlanner: For Scheduling

Lever InterviewPlanner Integration

InterviewPlanner is an efficient and customizable scheduling platform that streamlines the interview process. It helps to save time while providing a personalized experience for candidates. The platform's smart scheduling suggestions, automated interviewer load balancing, and customizable email and calendar templates make it easy to create a workflow that works for your team.

Once the integration is active, job postings and opportunities will start to synchronize. Updates will be reflected on the opportunity as you schedule interviews through the Interview Planner.

4. Equip: For ATS Assessments

Lever Equip ATS Integration foe Assessment

Within Lever, you can also take advantage of Equip's automated tests to identify your top candidates across multiple skills so you won’t waste time interviewing unsuitable prospects. Through this powerful ATS integration with Lever, HR teams can effortlessly send assessment invites to candidates via Lever. After completing the assessments, the results will be automatically updated on the candidate's Lever profile, allowing for efficient tracking and smart hiring.

When a candidate finishes an assessment, Equip automatically attaches a feedback form with the assessment results to the Lever opportunity. The feedback form includes a Lever rating, a summary of the candidate's scores, and a link to view the comprehensive assessment report on Equip. This report includes test results and a proctoring summary.

5. VidCruiter: For Video Interviews

Lever VidCruiter Integration

VidCruiter is popular among HR professionals worldwide not only for its live video interview capability but also for its pre-recorded interviews that help eliminate scheduling conflicts and time zone issues for candidates and hiring teams by allowing them to participate at their own convenience. This integration is perfect for HR teams that aspire to significantly reduce their time-to-hire and also give their candidates a new and refreshing application experience.

In order to send candidates to VidCruiter, you simply need to move a candidate to the designated trigger stage on the candidate page or directly on the candidate profile in Lever. This action will automatically import the candidate into VidCruiter and the system will send an email with instructions for completing the VidCruiter interview.

6. ClearChecks: For Background Checks

Lever ClearChecks Integration

ClearChecks is a background screening tool highly rated by Google, has accreditation from the PBSA, and is SOC2 compliant. This Lever integration makes it easy to conduct background checks on candidates as you move them to a specific stage in your Lever workflow. ClearChecks speeds up the process of gathering applicant information, disclosures, and background checks, while also providing notifications.

7. Click Boarding: For Onboarding

Lever ClickBoarding Integration

Click Boarding's platform offers automated, guided workflows for onboarding and employee experience. It includes configurable processes that prioritize employee needs while promoting engagement during key transitions. It also combines the personal touch of Human Resources with automation to create a seamless and secure experience that helps employees find purpose in their work.

Once a candidate is marked as hired in Lever, their information is automatically transferred to Click Boarding where you can begin creating a personalized and relevant onboarding journey for them.

8. Agora: For Job Offers

Lever Agora Integration

The Agora integration enables talent acquisition teams to automatically generate an Agora offer letter while using Lever's offer workflow, without the need to log in to Agora. The data is seamlessly transferred from Lever to Agora. This allows them to create an efficient workflow, where offers are generated in Agora based on changes in the candidate's stage in Lever.

9. Workload: For Team Collaboration

Lever Workload Integration

Workload is a tool that helps create and manage workspaces for different teams as well as in adding users from inside or outside your organization and managing third-party app connections. This Lever integration allows you to link Lever with various widely-used business applications to create automated processes.

This also gives users the ability to extract data from various sources and export it to a Google Sheet for reporting purposes, or send notifications in Slack when an interview panel member is added. The possibilities are endless!

10. DreamTeam: For Reporting/ Analytics

Lever DreamTeam Integration

DreamTeam provides a comprehensive view of your company's recruiting and HR processes, giving hiring stakeholders the ability to make informed decisions based on real-time data. It consolidates data from multiple HR tools into interactive, shareable dashboards. DreamTeam is designed to be easy for talent acquisition professionals to use, without requiring advanced data science skills. The data displayed in DreamTeam is always up-to-date with the HR tools you use, facilitating collaboration and decision-making. 

Integration with Lever is seamless, and it offers pre-built dashboard templates as well as the option to create custom ones from scratch.

Leveraging Lever and other HR tools in the market

Talent Acquisition is evolving by the second, and if your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) doesn’t sync with the platforms you need to perform your job better, then you’re losing a lot of opportunities. Integrations ensure that data is consistent and accurate across all systems, reducing the risk of errors and inconsistencies. Aside from saving time and increasing efficiency, it also allows HR teams to automate repetitive tasks, such as scheduling and communication, which improves the candidate experience. 

With these Lever integrations, you can access a broader range of data, providing a more comprehensive view of the hiring process to make better-informed decisions.