How often have you signed up for an online course because it had a great discount and completely forgotten to pursue it later?  Don't be guilty because many learners have fallen prey to it. That is where outcome based and cohort driven learning come to save the day!

Bootcamps with a structured curriculum and timeline can keep you motivated to achieve your goals once you start off. Tech bootcamps level the playing field between theoretical knowledge and industry skills for developers. 

Here is a list of 4 bootcamps that you can check out today. Each one has something for you whether you are a developer who wants to upskill, grab that next big promotion, get certified or learn for the love of learning.

1. MountBlue

MountBlue offers training to elevate careers for entry-level software developers. In the 3 month bootcamp, Senior Software Engineers coach the participants with essential technical and soft skills.  This is followed by a deployment period of 12-13 months where the engineers work with MountBlue's customers for that comprise well-known startups such as Zomato, Slice, Onecard, Razorpay, Freshworks etc and also majors like Microsoft, Info Edge etc. 

Joining MountBlue is ideal for software engineers looking for new challenges, non-CS/IT graduates looking for a career in software engineering and anyone who wants to upskill from being a good programmer to an industry-ready software engineer

πŸ—“οΈ Dur​ation

3 months for bootcamp + 13 months deployment

πŸ’» Curre​nt Learning tracks 

Full Stack Development with JavaScript MERN, Full Stack Development with Java, Full Stack development with Python/Ruby β€‹

πŸ€‘ Stipen​d offered

 Yes, 15K during the bootcamp and 4 LPA during deployment with a 95% placement guarantee

πŸ’¬ What makes MountBlue unique?

​At MountBlue, we do not shortlist candidates based on their past experiences, education etc. If you are a programmer, you can join MountBlue. The bootcamp is intense and rigorous, the emphasis is on learning by building projects under the guidance of experienced software engineers. Since it’s a full-time job the candidates earn while they learn. Post bootcamp, the candidates are not required to attend interviews for deployment, it is done purely based on their performance in the bootcamp.

- Konark SInghal, Founder MountBlue Technologies

πŸ”— How to ap​ply?

Join MountBlue Prep for free. On completing MountBlue Prep, candidates are offered a job. 

2. FunctionUp

​FunctionUp has a rigorous training bootcamp to prepare its candidates as software engineers in leading global software companies. It is free to learn at FunctionUp. Students have to pay a part of their salary for 3 years after securing a software developer job. This bootcamp is ideal for fresh graduates who are willing to dedicate 9 hours per day for the entire duration of the program. This includes practical learning, doubt solving, mentorship and interview preparation. The instructors for the bootcamp work with top companies such as Goldman Sachs, Schneider Electric, and American Express. Students are placed in companies such as Datavid, NoBroker, Omnicell, Infosys and more.

πŸ—“οΈ Duration

 4 months

πŸ’» Current Learning tracks

 Backend Development including advanced JavaScript and many tools such as Version control system with git, Linux commands, and Postman.

πŸ€‘ Stipend offered


πŸ’¬ What makes FunctionUp unique?

FunctionUp candidates in 2021 cracked jobs with packages higher than all the 31 NITs! We give candidates great opportunities to Interview for 250+ Hiring Partners like CronJ, NoBroker, Just Dial. 40% of candidates got placed in US, UK, and Singapore based companies.
- Bharat Gupta, CEO FunctionUp

πŸ”— How to apply?

Apply for the 5-step admission process.

3. Pesto

At Pesto, learning is not limited to coding. The objective of this bootcamp is to build Global Product Engineers with end-to-end training for programming, soft skills and interview readiness. The teaching staff comprises skilled industry experts from companies such as Microsoft, Walmart, Adobe, Oracle and Cisco. The career services include placement prep modules with live sessions, job referrals and access to Pesto's placement partners. Team Pesto pitches the top performing candidates in the bootcamp to their placement partners. 

πŸ—“οΈ Duration

 6 months  which includes 16 weeks of theory (8 on frontend + 8 on the backend) + 7 weeks of project building + 2 weeks of intense interview prep

πŸ’» Current Learning tracks

 Full Stack Web Development 

πŸ€‘ Stipend offered


πŸ”— How to apply?

​Apply here to request a callback from Pesto.

4. Newton School

Newton School offers a full-stack web development course to create industry-ready developers. The program has no charges until candidates are placed. The participants are trained for full stack development, github version control and soft skills. Newton School's hiring partners include Google, Thoughtworks, Xiaomi and Zomato.

πŸ—“οΈ Duration

 6 months

β€‹πŸ’» Curr​ent Learning tracks

Full Stack Web Development 

πŸ€‘ Stipend offered


πŸ”— How to apply?

Apply to Newton SchoApply to Newton School hereol here.

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