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Frequently asked questions

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What is Equip?

Equip helps you filter candidates by assessing them on relevant skills via online tests. You share the link to a Equip assessment with your candidates, they finish the assessment, and you can see how good they are at those skills.

What is an Assessment?

An Assessment is a set of tests intended for one job role. For example, if you are looking to hire a developer, you may create one aptitude test, one coding challenge and one alignment quiz. These three tests together count as one assessment. The candidate will attempt the tests one-by-one.

What skills can Equip test for?

Equip can be used to assess a wide variety of skills: coding proficiency, speaking competence, design ability, etc. Click here to explore the different kinds of tests that we support.

Do I need to add the questions to Equip tests myself?

You don't need to. For many skills, Equip has created Question Banks. For these skills, the questions are readily available. And, we are continuously adding new Question Banks.

But, if the Skill you want to test for isn't yet covered by us, or you still want to test your candidates with your own questions, you can easily do that by creating Custom Tests.

How do I ensure that candidates don't cheat on the test, and that the questions aren't publicly available?

Firstly, Equip is built by the AutoProctor team. So, ensuring test takers don't cheat is our bread and butter dosa and chutney.

Also, each question in the Question Bank has been carefully crafted and curated by us. Every candidate sees randomly assigned questions, anti-plagiarism features like disabling copy-paste are enabled, and so on. So, don't worry, we got you!