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Features TestGorilla HackerRank Mettl iMocha Equip

Assess multiple roles

Developers, Data Scientists, Sales

Ready-to-use Questions

Choose content from existing Question Banks

Multiple skills in one test

Include questions from diverse skills in a single quiz

Easily Import your existing Content

Using an Excel file

Multiple test types

Quizzes, Coding (Programming, SQL, CSS), Spreadsheet Test, Video Response, etc

Advanced Proctoring

Face and noise detection, tab switching, detecting multiple monitors, disabling copy-paste, Trust Score calculation

Randomized Template

Generate multiple variants of the same question template using randomized variables

Detect plagiarism for coding challenges

Automatically detect code that is not original

Session recordings

View recordings of candidates' screens as they took the test

Transparent Pricing

Know what you pay for, with no hidden costs

ATS integrations

Share assessments and receive updates from within your ATS tool

Open book style tests

Ask questions based on uploaded documents

Voice Input questions

Candidates can record their voice to answers questions

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