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Equip's AI-proctored assessments prevent cheating, automatically grade students' submissions, and provide genuine scores reflecting their test performance and understanding.

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AI-Powered Proctoring

AI-Powered Proctoring

Powered by AutoProctor’s AI-proctoring capabilities, Equip ensures that your students take tests authentically, keeping cheating at bay. Rest assured, students won't be resorting to Google or using ChatGPT for help.

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Comprehensive Evaluations

Comprehensive Evaluations

Use different question formats such as MCQs, multiple correct options, voice input, short text answers and more. Include timer, points and negative points for all questions.

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How to start using Equip?

Campus Recruitment System
  • Create an assessment: Use our Question Bank or add your questions in a Custom Test. This will save your time spent creating and grading questions.

  • Share the assessment link: Get one single, shareable assessment link. Copy the link to share it on any platform or send it in bulk via email from your dashboard.

  • Analyse results: Use our Result Analytics to view performance and proctoring report of each student.

Join the ranks of esteemed institutions that trust Equip for their student evaluations.

Conduct mock tests, test series and online exams at scale anywhere with an automatic scoring system using our online proctored tests.

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Conducting 1000's of assessments every month

" Equip is helping us conduct thousands of remote assessments every month. They were able to come back on the requested features pretty quickly like — API based data-access, text-based plagiarism detection, single-use assessment invite link etc.

Sachin M's Profile Picture

Sachin M

Mentor, MountBlue

MountBlue's Logo

Proctored evaluations made easy

" Equip is easy to use. If you're looking for evaluations to test a candidate across technology and communication this is a value for money way of saving your interviewing hours.

Mahesh T's Profile Picture

Mahesh T

Co-Founder, English For India

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Amazing Platform for IT Hiring

" Easy to use, gives perfect results, I've been using it for IT hiring. Very supportive team, always ready to help and support. This has helped in adding an elimination stage in the interview process so the panel only has to deal with filtered profiles. I recommend Equip to all the recruiters who want an elimination round in the interviews process.

Sheetal C's Profile Picture

Sheetal C

Manager - Recruitment, One Point One Solutions

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Effective platform, super responsive team!

" Easy to use platform, can configure tests of varying skills levels and complexity. Also, a very performant solution - we had scores of people giving tests together (campus interviews!) and it worked like a charm. The complexity of the problems at the right level for my requirements.

Avinash R.'s Profile Picture

Avinash R.

Head of India Operations, LiveSwitch

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Best and Simple Assessment Platform

" The best feature is Customised Tests and auto updating results. We were easily able to filter candidates using Equip!

Vishnu Vardhan Rao G's Profile Picture

Vishnu Vardhan Rao G

Community Manager & Data Analyst, Avidii

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Efficient & Super Awesome!

" We filter the best candidates from large campus drives remotely using Equip’s assessments.

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Vaidehi T.

Talent Acquisition Manager, Docsumo

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Frequently Asked Questions

More Ways to Use Equip

Campus Hiring

Campus Hiring

2 min read

Equip's automated skill tests for Campus Hiring eliminate the hassle of traveling, grading, and supervising.

Technical Recruitment

Technical Recruitment

5 min read

Equip empowers recruiters to assess candidates independently. Choose skills, create tests with our Question Bank in minutes.

Non-Technical Recruitment

Non-Technical Recruitment

4 min read

Equip helps recruiters shortlist top non-tech candidates (sales, support, marketing, etc.) based on skills like aptitude, logic, communication, and detail.