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Equip makes recruiters independent to screen candidates with skill assessments. Select skills, and create programming tests using our Question Bank in minutes.

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Ace Technical Recruitment with Equip

One Link, Many Tests

One Link, Many Tests

Whether you want to ask MCQs for programming aptitude or test coding skills of the candidates, you can combine multiple tests in a single assessment. The IDE is available within the assessment. No add-ons required.

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Automatic Scoring

Automatic Scoring

Equip automatically evaluates the code submission so your tech team saves on reading thousands of lines of code and interviews only the top applicants for the position.

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How to start using Equip?

Campus Recruitment System
  • Create an assessment: Use our Question Bank or add your questions in a Custom Test. This will save your time spent creating and grading questions.

  • Share the assessment link: Get one single, shareable assessment link. Copy the link to share it on any platform or send it in bulk via email from your dashboard.

  • Shortlist and interview: Use our Result Analytics to view skill levels of each candidate and filter the top 3% for interviews.

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Recruiters & Candidates Love Our Technical Assessments

g2 review

I would choose it over HackerEarth

" The platform presented high-quality questions and included proctoring measures to prevent cheating during online assessments. My experience with coding on Equip was truly enjoyable.

Anurag Bhardwaj's Profile Picture

Anurag Bhardwaj

a happy candidate using Equip

A Top Coding Assessment Platform

" Equip offers high-quality questions that challenge users while still being enjoyable to work on, which can be a rare find in coding assessment platforms. The overall user experience is also very smooth and efficient, making it easy for both administrators and test-takers to use.

Prashant P's Profile Picture

Prashant P

Data Scientist, iNeuron

Helped us find the needle in a haystack!

" Hiring developers is extremely challenging and expensive. We weren’t able to close any full-time positions. Using Equip, we could identify the top performing interns and one of them has turned out to be a rockstar developer for us.

Harsh S's Profile Picture

Harsh S

Co-Founder and CTO, OptIQ.AI

A no nonsense assessment tool

" Very targeted assessments with easy, medium, and hard levels. Easy to get started and reasonably priced.

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Ashutosh K

Head of Human Resources, Convergytics Solutions

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Python Programming Tests

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CSS Programming Tests

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