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Say hello to Equip — the modern skill assessment platform with a clean UX, delightful candidate experience and no binding payment contracts.

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Intuitive Interface

It's easy to start using Equip on your own. You can create your first sharable assessment within 2 minutes after creating an account. Equip offers a smooth user experience for both recruiters and candidates. We are also rated #1 for our Quality of Support for a Talent Assessment platform.

Level up with Randomized Questions

On iMocha, the sequence of questions is randomized to prevent candidate cheating. On Equip, the question order can be randomized along with generating a different variant of the question for every candidate. Try Randomised Template on Equip by clicking the link below.

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Pay As You Need Pricing

Whether you are hiring for one position or scaling your team in large numbers, you only pay $1 (or less!) for every candidate you assess on Equip. Unlike iMocha, you do not need a subscription to start using Equip. When you create an account, you get 10 credits for free. Then you can buy as many credits as the number of candidates you want to assess. One credit equals one candidate attempting an assessment. iMocha offers custom pricing plans on request but on average the basic starter package will cost you 10x more than using Equip.

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Feature Comparison Table: Equip vs iMocha

Assess Multiple Roles
Developers, Data Scientists, Sales
Ready-to-use Questions
Choose content from existing Question Banks
Multiple skills in one test
Include questions from diverse skills in a single quiz
Easily Import your existing Content
Using an Excel file
Multiple test types
Quizzes, Coding (Programming, SQL, CSS), Spreadsheet Test, Video Response, etc
Advanced Proctoring
Face and noise detection, tab switching, detecting multiple monitors, disabling copy-paste, Trust Score calculation
Randomized Template
Generate multiple variants of the same question template using randomized variables
Detect plagiarism for coding challenges
Automatically detect code that is not original
Session recordings
View recordings of candidates' screens as they took the test
Pay-As-You-Go Pricing
Know what you pay for, with no annual lock-in period
ATS integrations
Share assessments and receive updates from within your ATS tool
Open book style tests
Ask questions based on uploaded documents
Voice Input questions
Candidates can record their voice to answer questions

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Ease of use
Quality of Support
Meets requirements

Conclusion: Equip vs Imocha

iMocha is a capable assessment platform with a sizeable skills library. However, reviewers on G2 feel that Equip meets their business needs better than iMocha. If you are looking for better quality of support, easy to use interface and affordable pricing, try Equip.

  • Reviewers felt that Equip meets the needs of their business better than iMocha Assessments.
  • When comparing quality of ongoing product support, reviewers felt that Equip is the preferred option.
  • For feature updates and roadmap, our reviewers preferred the direction of Equip over iMocha Assessments.

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