Our Coolest Assessment Features

    Assess candidates from all angles

  • Gift Of The Gab

    People want to be heard? Well, let's hear them. And judge them based on what they say.

  • Code Runner

    Test a programmer's coding skills. User writes code in an IDE and the code is automatically evaluated.

  • Excel-lent Questions

    Fully simulate a spreadsheet environment. Automatically check a user's formula skills, etc.

  • Proctored environment

  • Pool You Can’t Fool

    Conducting a test with many simultaneous users? Group similar-looking questions into a pool.

  • Keep Close Tabs

    No more Googling an answer. Track the screen the test taker is on and even record screenshots.

  • Interactive Video

    Want to ensure your users pay attention to your videos? Make the videos interactive by layering questions.

  • Easy to create tests

  • I'm Feeling Lucky

    Automagically generate different variants for the same question, for different users. At scale.

  • What's up, Doc?

    Upload a PDF and ask questions based on it. No more taking screenshots and copy-pasting text.

  • No credit card required
  • 14 days free
  • Assess 25 candidates for free

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