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Equip helps shortlist the top candidates for non-technical roles such as sales, customer support, marketing, business development and more based on candidates' skills such as general aptitude, logical and analytical reasoning, communication, and attention to detail.

Select skills, and create skill tests using our Question Bank in minutes.

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Ace Candidate Screening with Equip

Video Interview

Video Interview

Async video interview questions, ideal to assess communication skills for customer facing roles. No need to store or download videos. Compatible with mobile devices.

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How to start using Equip?

Campus Recruitment System
  • Create an assessment: Use our Question Bank or add your questions in a Custom Test. This will save your time spent creating and grading questions.

  • Share the assessment link: Get one single, shareable assessment link. Copy the link to share it on any platform or send it in bulk via email from your dashboard.

  • Shortlist and interview: Use our Result Analytics to view skill levels of each candidate and filter the top 3% for interviews.

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Our Customers Love Us!

g2 review

Effective platform, super responsive team!

" Easy to use platform, can configure tests of varying skills levels and complexity. Also, a very performant solution - we had scores of people giving tests together (campus interviews!) and it worked like a charm. The complexity of the problems at the right level for my requirements.

Avinash R.'s Profile Picture

Avinash R.

Head of India Operations, LiveSwitch

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Really helpful to screen candidates!

" The auto-generated tests and marking scheme are the best features. I have been able to hire around 12 candidates using Equip, eliminating the need for manual screening.

Ezra V.'s Profile Picture

Ezra V.

Community Manager & Data Analyst, Codingal

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Proctored evaluations made easy

" Equip is easy to use. If you're looking for evaluations to test a candidate across technology and communication this is a value for money way of saving your interviewing hours.

Mahesh T's Profile Picture

Mahesh T

Co-Founder, English For India

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Efficient & Super Awesome!

" We filter the best candidates from large campus drives remotely using Equip’s assessments.

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Vaidehi T.

Talent Acquisition Manager, Docsumo

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Frequently Asked Questions

More Ways to Use Equip

Campus Hiring

Campus Hiring

2 min read

Equip's automated skill tests for Campus Hiring eliminate the hassle of traveling, grading, and supervising.

Education Management

Education Management

3 min read

Equip's AI proctoring prevents cheating, auto-grades submissions, and delivers accurate scores based on student performance.

Technical Recruitment

Technical Recruitment

5 min read

Equip empowers recruiters to assess candidates independently. Choose skills, create tests with our Question Bank in minutes.