Equip vs HackerEarth

About Equip

Equip is built for recruiters to conduct pre-hiring assessments. Equip’s assessments test multiple skills at different competencies. Using its vast Question Libraries, or creating Custom Tests enables teams to hire developers, sales, marketing and customer support executives, data analysts and more. It ensures that recruiters spend the least time interviewing only the top prospects.

About HackerEarth

HackerEarth is a technical skill screening platform that enables recruiters to hire developers for engineering roles using coding skill assessments. They also host hackathons for developers to challenge their skills and learn in the process. HackerEarth does not offer skill tests for non-technical roles.

Equip vs Hackerearth Feature Comparison

Equip HackerEarth

Assess multiple roles

Engineering, Data Science, Sales & Support

Ready-to-use Questions

Choose content from existing Question Banks

Multiple skills in one test

Include questions from diverse skills in a single quiz

Import Existing Content

Upload Excel file of questions in a specified format

Multiple test types

Quizzes, Coding, Spreadsheet Test, CSS Test, Video Response

Advanced Proctoring

Face & Noise detection, Tab-switch, Multiple Monitors, Disabling Copy-paste, Trust Score

Randomized Template

Multiple variants of the same question template with random variables

Plagiarism Check

Automatically detect submissions that overlap with other submissions

Session Recordings

View a recording of candidate's screen as they took the test

Pay-As-You-Go Pricing

Know what you pay for, with no annual lock-in period

ATS integrations

Share assessments and receive updates from within your ATS tool

Open book style tests

Ask questions based on uploaded documents

Voice Input questions

Candidates can record their voice to answer questions

Key differences between Equip vs Hackerearth


Can I Create Custom Tests on Equip?

Equip offers a lot of flexibility in creating Custom Tests. Custom Tests can include all test types available on the platform: Quizzes, Programming Challenges, CSS Challenges, SQL Challenges and Video Interviews.


Does HackerEarth Support Creating a Custom Test?

Custom Tests on HackerEarth are only available for technical roles with limited question types.


Creating Custom Tests on Equip vs HackerEarth

On Equip, a Custom Test is a group of several questions as a single unit. The entire custom test can be reused in any assessment with a single click. The entire custom test can be easily cloned too. Both platforms allow importing your own questions in bulk using an Excel file. See how a Custom Test on Equipcan be created in under 2 minutes.

On HackerEarth, questions from a custom test are individually added to the library. These questions can be reused later but each question has to be added individually to the new test which might be cumbersome for a custom test with a large number of questions.


Variety of Question Types on Equip vs HackerEarth

Apart from the common question types such as coding questions, MCQ and others, Equip has voice input and transcription questions too. These are particularly useful for assessing communication skills. Know more about 10+ question types within Quizzes on Equipand each test type.

HackerEarth’s Custom Tests have question types such as coding challenges, MCQ, Subjective Answers, and Programming Questions File Upload — Candidates upload a file as a response.


Negative Points and Timer per Question on Equip vs HackerEarth

Equip’s tests offer the flexibility to show questions one-by-one or all at once. You can add a timer per question when questions are displayed one by one. Alternatively, the questions can be shown all at once and an overall timer can be set for the test. The negative points for every question are autocalculated when enabled.

HackerEarth’s tests also have the option to add timer and negative points for questions. However, the questions, with and without a timer, are not segregated within the test. The overall time for the test is displayed at the top of the screen and the timer for a specific question is displayed right beneath it. A candidate has the ability to switch between questions, however, if the candidate has viewed a timed question the timer keeps running for it even while viewing another question. Attempting the question is disabled once the timer assigned to it runs out. This can be a bit inconvenient and confusing for the candidates attempting the test.

— Proctoring Features

What does the Trust Score on Equip mean?

The proctoring summary has a Trust Score which is calculated based on the number of violations committed during the test. This helps users to skim through proctoring summary at a glance without going through the entire report unless needed.

Proctoring Summary on Equip

Does HackerEarth Have Proctoring?

These are the proctoring settings on HackerEarth

HackerEarth proctoring settings

HackerEarth offers basic proctoring features. Candidates do not have to share screen while taking the assessment. HackerEarth does not record audio from the candidate’s surrounding. However, the proctoring features do not detect if a candidate uses an external display for cheating during the test. Since face detection is not available, there is room for impersonation for candidates. The platform does not offer a proctoring report to verify discrepancies for individual test takers. The recommended limit for number of allowed tab switches is 5 which easily leaves room for Googling the answers and candidates can clear the cut-off.

HackerEarth proctoring review

Are Equip Assessments Proctored Using AutoProctor?

Equip is built by the same team that built AutoProctor and has conducted 15 million+ proctored tests across the world. All assessments are AI-proctored using AutoProctor. For all tests created with questions from Equip’s Question Bank, the following proctoring settings are enabled by default

  • Detecting switched tab and its screenshot: In the Proctoring Summary, the screenshot of the switched tab is included along with the timestamp of the event.
  • Capturing Random Photos: Since photos are captured at unknown, random intervals from a continuous proctoring feed, the candidates cannot figure out a pattern to cheat within a fixed duration.
  • Detecting Multiple Monitors: Candidates connected to multiple monitors during the test is counted as a violation and included in the proctoring summary.
  • Capturing Photo Before the Test Starts: This is enabled by default for the first test. When an assessment has more than one test, the candidate’s photo is captured at the start of every test.
  • Enforce Full-Screen: When candidates attempt each test in full-screen, they are less likely to switch tabs and cheat.
  • Record User Session: Records the candidate's screens and actions (mouse clicks, keyboard typing), as they attempt the test.

Additional proctoring features are detecting face and audio, enforcing desktop and a webcam preview for the candidate during the test.

— Advanced Question Settings to Prevent Cheating on Equip vs Hackerearth


Can I Create Unique Questions for Every Candidate on Equip?

Questions in online tests can be made publicly available on the internet which increases the chances of candidates cheating on a test. With the Randomized Template feature, you can upload a question template and different users will see different variants of the question. When a group of candidates attempt the same assessment, they may cheat by sharing the question with each other. Additionally, candidates can easily Google the question to directly find the solution or the approach to solving a problem. The Randomized Template feature exactly solves this problem. See Randomized Template in action by clicking I’m Feeling Lucky.


What is the Leaked Question Indicator on HackerEarth?

Hide publicly available questions is a filter in the HackerEarth Library. It helps you avoid using questions in your test which are accessible through Google Search.

— Skills Library

Which Roles Can I Use Equip Skills Library For?

Equip has 20+ Skills that can be used to assess Technical Roles such as Backend Developer, Data Analyst, Frontend Developer, Full-Stack Engineer, and Software Engineer as well as Non-Technical Roles such as Customer Support Executive, Business Development Associate, Digital Marketer and more. The Skill Library can be customised on request to create an assessment for measuring objective skills for every role. An Equip assessment is a set of tests that a candidate must take one after another. Check out the available skills here.

Which Roles Can I Use HackerEarth Skills Library For?

HackerEarth has a comprehensive skills library to assess over 80 technical roles such as Frontend Developer, Backend Developer, Data Engineer and more.

— Pricing

Equip vs Hackerearth

What are the pricing plans for Equip?

We don't have a subscription or a lock-in period. When you create an account, you get 10 credits for free. Then you can buy as many credits as the number of candidates you want to assess. One credit equals one candidate attempting an assessment. We understand that hiring may be seasonal, so you can pay-as-you-go. The pricing is completely based on your usage. You only pay $1 (or less!) for every candidate you assess on Equip.

Is HackerEarth free?

HackerEarth has three pricing plans starting at $169 per month. Features such as FaceCode interviews, Learning & Development and Hackathons are available at additional cost. The Starter plan severely lacks crucial features such as proctoring, ATS integration and customer support. The cost per candidate is $8.45 for the Starter plan and $7.38 for the Enterprise Plan which is 8 times the cost per assessment on Equip.


HackerEarth has a good questions library for many technical skills. It falls short on accurate proctoring, ease of use, customer support and affordable pricing.

Hackerearth ease of use comparison

Equip is rated the #1 platform for its quality of customer support. It fares well above the average rating of talent assessment platforms for ease of use for recruiters and candidates. With more than 15 million tests conducted using AutoProctor, the proctoring features on Equip are one of the best ones in the market. The pricing model and scalability of the platform is suitable for startups as well as enterprises.

Equip user ratings Hackerearth user ratings

Equip is better than HackerEarth. Try it today.

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