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Aptitude tests measure a candidate's capacity to learn or carry out a certain task or activity. Basic aptitude tests are a reliable indicator of job performance for shortlisting for job interviews and placements in across roles in IT, engineering and more.

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What is an Aptitude test?

An aptitude test is used to determine an individual’s skill level
in a given field. These these can be used to objectively measure
a candidate’s ability to do well in any given role.

The content of the aptitude test can be tailored according to the skill set required for the role.

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*Source: Harvard Business Review


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Equip's Aptitude Tests can be used across roles in all industries.


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Hiring teams love Equip

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Anshul M.,Founder, WittyPen, and a user of Equip, smiling at the camera
Anshul M.

Founder, WittyPen

"Made our hiring process faster by 5x"

The idea that an assessment can be sent in a link is superb. Also, it helps us create tests from our question database too helps us hire as per the profile faster.

Dinakar G.,Product Manager, ThinkCore Technologies, and a user of Equip, smiling at the camera
Dinakar G.

Product Manager, ThinkCore Technologies

"Great product for pre-employment assessments"

Equip is a good platform that makes the hiring process very easy for recruiters. Its auto-proctoring capabilities have helped us greatly while giving code assessment...

Ezra V.,HR Recruiter, Codingal, and a user of Equip, smiling at the camera
Ezra V.

HR Recruiter, Codingal

"Really helpful to screen candidates, with their auto generated assessments"

The autogenerated tests were the best feature, in addition to the marking scheme. I have been able to hire around 12 candidates using equip, elimanating the need for manual screening.

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