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Amazing Platform for IT Hiring

" Easy to use, gives perfect results, I've been using it for IT hiring. Very supportive team, always ready to help and support. This has helped in adding an elimination stage in the interview process so the panel only has to deal with filtered profiles. I recommend Equip to all the recruiters who want an elimination round in the interviews process.

Sheetal C.

Manager - Recruitment, One Point One Solutions

One Point One Solutions

Effective platform, super responsive team!

" Easy to use platform, can configure tests of varying skills levels and complexity. Also, a very performant solution - we had scores of people giving tests together (campus interviews!) and it worked like a charm. The complexity of the problems at the right level for my requirements.

Avinash R.

Head of India Operations, LiveSwitch


Proctored evaluations made easy

" Equip is easy to use. If you're looking for evaluations to test a candidate across technology and communication this is a value for money way of saving your interviewing hours.

Mahesh T

Co-Founder, English For India

English For India