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Want to test candidates for a single role with different skills? Add the relevant skills, and get a single test with questions drawn from each skill.

Programmers use VS Code, Designers use Figma, and Accountants use Excel. Different roles use different tools. So, why are you testing everyone via MCQs? Use our skill-specific test types.

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One Candidate, Many Skills

One Candidate, Many Skills

Easily manage different stages of your candidate pipeline. Set cut-offs. Shortlist and reject in bulk. Export results to an Excel file or integrate with your ATS.

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All-In-One Solution for Recruiters

All-In-One Solution for Recruiters

Want to use your own questions for your assessments? Easily create tests in a Google Forms-like interface. Or just directly import them from an Excel file!

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Easily Import your Existing Content

Easily Import your Existing Content

Worried about candidates cheating on the test? Our earlier product AutoProctor has conducted 15 million tests tracking user's cameras, audio feed, whether they have Googled an answer, etc. With all of AutoProctor's features enabled on Equip, you may rest assured that candidates can't cheat.

Proctoring Insights
Proctored Assessments

Proctored Assessments

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And so many more features...

Multiple Job Categories

Developers, Designers, Sales Executives, & so on. Equip helps you hire for any skill-based role.

Large Question Banks

We have thousands of questions testing skills at different levels. Your candidates will all see different questions.

Proctored Assessments

Equip uses AutoProctor, which has hosted millions of proctored exams to date. So, don't worry about candidates cheating.

Skill-based Questions

We test for knowledge needed to perform the job competently. Not to pass an entrance exam.

No Scheduling Required

Just share the assessment link with your candidates. They take it at their convenience, and you get the results in real-time.

Different Test Types

Aptitude tests, coding exercises, communication skills, etc. Different skills require different test types.

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