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How is Equip So Affordable, When Its Competitors Charge So Much?

Equip’s pricing has these unique features

  • Super-low pricing of $1 per candidate (even lower for bulk purchase)
  • No monthly/annual subscription costs
  • Credits never expire
  • All features are available to every user (no tiering)

Our competitors don’t have these pocket-friendly features. Assuming you are a rational person, and we have no reason to doubt otherwise, you may wonder why this is so! We actually think the question should be, “Why do Equip’s competitors make their Pricing so unfriendly?” Let’s address each of these points:

  • 1. Super-low Pricing

    Assessment Platforms like Equip have two major costs of serving a customer - server costs for the platform and costs to create the questions, tests, etc. With the Cloud, server costs are extremely low. And, once questions and tests are created, whether it is 1 candidate or 100 candidates, the costs don’t really change too much. Our competitors charge so much because they can charge so much, not because that is approximately what it costs them to serve the customer!

  • 2. No Subscription Costs

    Poor Joke Time - What is common between hiring and vacationing? They are both seasonal! If hiring is seasonal, why should you pay for months when you aren’t hiring? Your inactive account isn’t costing us anything extra. So, if you aren’t hiring, you aren’t paying us anything!

  • 3. Credits Never Expire

    With assessment tools like Equip, you typically pay in advance for credits. If you use our competitors, credits expire if they aren’t used up every month! Imagine going to a restaurant where you must pay in advance to get in, and if you don’t eat all that you ordered, you can’t get it packed. The food is thrown away. How absurd is that! Equip’s philosophy is that, as customers have already paid, they can consume credits whenever they want.

  • 4. Feature Availability

    Like with other SaaS tools, most of our competitors restrict features to customers based on their plans. While there is some merit to this approach, we have a different philosophy - given that we have already built the feature, we want all our customers to have access to all our features. Even customers who are trialing with us, have access to everything! For example, you can add an unlimited number of recruiters to your Equip Team. Equip incurs zero extra cost when a recruiter is added. Why then should we charge you for it?

If you are new to Equip, you may have reservations about our product because of our Pricing. You may think that because our Pricing is lower, we may have fewer features, or our product may be inferior. That is absolutely not true! Look at our cool features and useful features. Look at our G2 reviews. We have everything our competitors have, and more!

“There are two kinds of companies - those that work to try to charge more and those that work to charge less. We will be the second."
- Jeff Bezos, Founder - Amazon
Us too, Jeff. Us too.

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